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Bryant Pullins
Assignment 2

Ms. Geis has an interesting solution to a wide spread issue concerning not only our country but our planet. She believes there are simply too many people living in this world today and that because of this not only is the quantity of resources dwindling but quality of life is drastically declining as a result as well. Her solution to this is simply telling people not to have kids she states her reason for not having kids is because; “I can’t in good conscience contribute to the rapid diminishment of our world. In response to people calling her “selfish” and people also saying she is “unwilling to share her life with a child”, she tells us to put on a different pair of glasses and says “Look at it this way: I’m leaving more resources for your child.”

In her article Ms. Geis takes many different angles to try to get you to see her way of thinking on not having children. She talks about how the world how in here lifetime she has seen natural resources diminish over time and how in her 40 years of being on this earth the world population had nearly doubled. She shines light on the countries with the most inhabitants, India and China, and how they have implemented what some would say inhumane rules to keep the population controlled. She does this all while giving us statistic after statistic on how her solution can ultimately save our planet.

Yet I noticed a couple of things she pointed out that didn’t exactly match up to the point of not having kids. “People say we need to change the way we live, that the Earth can’t support 2 billion or 3 billion people who consume like Americans. And that’s true. Part of our problem is certainly lack of urban planning, a disposable mentality, and meat as a central part of our diet.” In this statement Ms. Geis gives us, what I believe, is the main solution to saving out planet: we need to change the way we live. We, not only as Americans, but as humans have a wasteful mindset or as Ms. Geis eloquently put it “a disposable mentality. In the United States alone, the multitude of trees that are cut down a year can be the equivalent of the size of Ireland. That can be changed simply by businesses installing hand dryers for their bathrooms instead of using paper towels. The notion the meat is and essential