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Chapter 2 summarizes basic features of the US health care system. The US health care system is different from most other countries in the world. these differences prove to create challenges for health care delivery.
Following are a number of assertions regarding health care in the US which, though widely made, might be disputed by critical thinking. Consider each, and explain why you believe the statement to be true or false: Provide a one paragraph response for each statement. Include at least one cited source for each paragraph. Use APA formatting.

a. The US spends too much on health care services I believe this statement to be true. Working as an Business Manager of Emergency Medicine I see many costs factored into the services provided by our group as well as costs associated with the hospital. Factors include provider and staff salaries, cost of technology/equipment, costs for specialists, malpractice, continuing medical education, licensure, credentials, benefits for employees, hospital costs including mergers, facility maintenance and much more. Consumers are on the hook for these costs as well as the costs for utilization by the underinsured

b. The poor lack health care I agree that the poor lack health care. This has been an on-going issue for a very long time. It does not appear that the Affordable Care Act will make this any better. Many are left with no insurance, do not qualify for Medicaid and their income is too low to be eligible for any subsidies Tavernise, Gebeloff (Oct 2013). This differs greatly as compared to other countries with healthcare models that provide care for everyone. The disparities need to change as everyone deserves access and quality care.

c. Systems in other countries are better This one is not as clear cut for me to respond. I believe this to have some truth as well as being false in some aspects. I do believe that the systems in other countries are better at controlling the cost associated with healthcare Davidson (2013), however am not convinced that equates to a higher quality of care. They also do not have a choice in the care that they receive where Americans can choose specialty providers or select another provider if not satisfied with the experience. There are several factors to consider such as life expectancy as well as behavioral choices and lifestyle. One could argue that the poorer countries with just staples have lower obesity rates as well as being more active by riding bicycles instead of driving. The U.S. Has higher obesity rates and less activity. I do agree that everyone receives care in other countries which makes this part better, however there may be something said to having the right to make choices which does come with a price tag.

d. The US health care system is in crisis today I believe this statement to be true with costs of healthcare projected to hit 20% of the GDP by the year 2021 Wayne (2012) along with the increase in population and the impact of the baby boom reaching the age 65 it definitely appears to be in a crisis. The Affordable Care Act is presented as a way to bring this crisis under control, however the Act still does not make healthcare accessible to everyone and…