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Shalene N. Martinez
Steven Hardgrave
Eight Skills of the Effective Legal Studies

So many things have happened in my life from the first day I went to college. I had plans to get a bachelor’s of science degree in biology and head on to medical school. Things changed when I decided to settle down, get married and have a family. Which of course I have no regrets. I was able to finish up three years of college but never completed my bachelors of science. Since then my interests in biology has changed. It’s is not something I can see myself doing anymore. I chose law because everything about it catches my attention. And even though I have no intentions of attending law school I do plan on pursuing my master degree in legal studies. With all my kids in school I am able to focus more time on finishing up my education. I firmly believe that you are never too old to get an education. While I was attending college I took all the classes I needed (basics) but government kind of stuck to me. I went on to take my government 2 a few months ago and knew right then and there that this was the path that I needed to take. And I have to say that I have truly enjoyed both of the classes for this semester and looking forward to the next semester. Once I complete my bachelors I hope to get a job in a large law firm were I will be able to assist in corporate law or with a government agency. I think I would enjoy corporate law because it is more of a calmer environment. It deals with business organizations and transactions instead of personal legal matters. Your class has helped me with my studying skills as well as writing skills. I have enjoyed reading through The Elements of Style. It has helped to better understand how to properly write. And I think over time I will get better at it. Getting a bachelor’s degree in paralegal studies is my first goal. It will open many doors for me as far as a career. My education has always been very important to me. And I believe this class has helped pave my way into the paralegal program. You have set up the tools that I need to accomplish my goals. Having good