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Learning styles very from person to person. Over the years I have learned what works best for me and the way I like to learn things. We were required to take a learning styles test, I scored an active 5 on the active/ reflective scale. As an active learner, I prefer to learn as I go especially when learning real life application skills, such as changing the oil in my car or learning a new language. I could read the instructions or hear the rules twenty times and still never get it because I wasn’t “hands on” in the process. Once I get my hands dirty things start to click for me. As a kid I used to take things apart just to put them back together, active learning for me has made it difficult to sit in a class without getting antsy. I have learned to make games, or sing songs to help me remember certain things. Active learning was not the only scale measured to find my learning style. I scored an 11 on the sensing side of the sensing/ intuitive scale. The “possibility” of something happening bothers me; daydreaming to me is a waste of time and does not accomplish anything. Facts can be proven and to me are easier to learn. That may be why I have always struggled in math, in fact, math has always been my weakest subject. I feel like if I am going to take a class I should be able to apply it to the real world and use it all the time. To me, it sometimes feels like the math they teach is not going to be used on a daily basis, unless my line of intended work is rocket science. If I am in a class that I don’t understand, I ask questions to try to figure out how the subject I am learning can be applied to my life. Sometimes it is easier for me to pick up if I can use the things I know. For the visual/ verbal scale, I fell in the middle at the 1 on the verbal side. I do not feel that this is correct, because I would prefer to read the way something is done and do it on my own. In high school I did a lot of self-teaching because it was just easier for me that way. Certain teachers allowed me to leave the class and study on my own with the stipulation that I kept a certain grade in the class. The last part of the scale is the sequential and global scale. I scored a 7 on the sequential side of things. I prefer to have things explained to me step by step, otherwise it feels like whatever I’m doing could potentially be ruined or done wrong in the end. I know that, that is not always the case, however the questions of whether or not I completed the task correctly will plague me until I go back and do things the right way. No matter where I fall on the scales, I always try to adjust to what fits me best when it comes to studying and learning, obviously things change from class to class and I