Assignment 2: A Case Study

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On 11/04/2015 client Juana Astacio came to the SSO to develop a Housing Plan to discuss current barriers that family is experiencing to move into permanent housing. Ms. Astacio informed HS De La Torre that family last permanent address was located at 1010 East Tremont Ave. Bronx NY from May 2009 to Jan 2014. Family was evicted from this location. Family current address is 1195 Sherman ave. Unit 21A Bronx, NY. Family composition is Christian (son 18y); Nangely (daughter 14y); Juan Carlos (son 11y). Ms. Astacio stated that she is not does not have anyone moving with the family; also no one in the family is expecting a child.

Ms. Astacio informed HS that PA case is fully active. Family is eligible for $500 in Food Stamps and $32 in Cash Assistance. Ms. Astacio is currently employed and earns up to $350 a weekly. HS and CM has informed family about a saving plan. Client stated that she is saving, however client has failed to provide proof of savings.
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Family has intensely sought for a two bedroom apartment, however LL and brokers always choose different families and Ms. Astacio does not understand the reason. Family is not eligible for LINC 1 because HoH works less than 35 hours. Family is not eligible for COME HOME NYC or EOSD, because income in the household is not enough. Furthermore, HS asked if there is a Plan B. As per client, there is a possibility to move into Pennsylvania; however client is hesitant about this decision. Ms. Astacio stated that she does not have family members that can assist the family to transition into permanent housing. Client has apply for NYCHA back in January 2015, client was advised to update the information every 6