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Ratidzo Magunje Assignment # 2-Ethical Case Study

1-Center for Bioethics and Human Dignity-Divorced Couple locked in dispute over ill daughter’s care
This is a divorced couple who did not agree at one time and can never agree now, but the situation calls for them to put aside their differences and focus on what is best for their daughter at the time that she needs them most. If anything, this should bring them together for they share a bond on their daughter, and make a decision for their critically ill child. She is unable to talk, walk or feed. She has been in that state for two years and now she is seriously ill. She has been through a lot of bouts of pneumonia and seizures. She feeds through a tube. She suffers from a rare chromosone disorder called Rett Syndrome. The mother thinks should be put off all medication and be allowed to die peacefully. The father is of the opinion that if she has lived this far after being told she would not see the age of ten, and now almost 20, she should be allowed to live for no one had thought she would live to be 19.
I am of the opinion that Let God take over from now on. It is sad that the mother is seeing her suffering so much but end of life is not in our hands.
2-My values reflected in my decision are that death or end of life is an act of God. As much as it is affecting the parents, we also have to think of the child since she is 19. Although it is not mentioned in the article this girl has an element of understanding and they can consider how she feels over the whole issue.
3-I worked as a sitter at a nursing home taking care of an elderly lady who they mentioned in their notes as someone sweet and loving. However when I started she would refuse to eat, refuse care, medication and would all night move into hallways in her wheelchair, picking at her dressings, She…