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Project Motorcycles
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Project Motorcycles
Project organization structure
A project organization structure is needed in order to ensure project success. A good structure reduces conflicts and promotes teamwork. One of the most important decisions that can be made at the beginning of the project is creating a good organization structure. However, before doing so, the manager has to consider a number of factors. The project manager has to consider the characteristics of the project and his or her authority in project execution (Knapp, 2010). The structure indicates the functions of each member of the team and the authority they hold within the project. Those team members at the top of the structure hold more authority. Structure formalizes the relationship between the project manager and the team members and a good structure must facilitate open and fast communication. The structure should neither be too rigid or too loose but flexible. At some point, change may be needed and that is why flexibility is needed. A loose structure may introduce chaos and a rigid structure is not responsive. In designing a good structure, the following must be put into consideration: specialization and coordination (Knapp, 2010). Functions must be assigned based on qualification and competence and the structure must bring unity of action.
Matrix-based project organization is recommended for this project. Under this type of organization, the project is broken down into small units based on functions. Working in a specific unit requires certain competencies. Employees are assigned to different units based on their technical expertise and competence. If one unit needs a skilled employee from another unit, the employee is transferred. That way, employees with rare but in-demand skills can be utilized fully. This structure is well suited for the organization because it promotes efficient utilization of resources. The matrix-based structure is flexible. If the project needs change over the execution period, they can be easily accommodated. However, this system introduces complex reporting relationships.
In the case of the company in question, developing a new type of motorcycle is an involving process and the whole project should be broken down into smaller units. A different group of engineers can develop the various components of prototype motorcycle. One group can be tasked with designing a good and powerful engine that is also fuel-efficient and another group tasked with designing exhaust or shock absorbers. Engineers with special skills needed in almost all groups can be moved easily as requested. Under matrix structure, unit managers have a lot of authority in project execution. In developing technical products such as a motorcycle, engineers need authority to make their decision, although they must defend their choices. Therefore, based on the nature of the project, the matrix-based structure is the best.
Strategy for balancing balance short- and long-term needs
There is a need to balance short-term need business needs and long term needs. The two are conflicting because shareholders need or expect returns every year and satisfying long term needs demand investment. This introduces competition for resources and ultimate success depends on the ability to balance the two. The strategy that needed to balance short term and long-term goals is innovation. The company is in the midst of significant changes and the only way to manage change effectively and balance all the competing interests by being innovative. There is no single solution for all problems likely to be faced by managers and only innovative approach is suitable in solving emergent issues.
The transition process visualized at the firm is a delicate period that should be handled with care. The company will start targeting new users and producing a product that is very different from what employees are familiar