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Shauna Gamble
ENGL 2600
Assignment 2- King Arthur and His Knights

1. Arthur’s claim to the throne is legitimized in several different ways. First, his father, King Uther Pendagron, directly grants him the title upon falling ill. This can be found in the text, “I give him God’s blessing and mine, and bid him pray for my soul, and righteously and worshipfully that he claim the crown upon forfeiture of my blessing.” God also plays a large role in legitimizing Arthur’s right to the throne. The rock in which the sword reads, “whoso pulleth out this sword of this stone and anvil is rightwise king born of all England.” The archbishop then claims that “God will make him known” referring to the man destined to be King. Thus, when Arthur pulls the sword from the stone with ease, God has declared him claim to the throne.

2. Guinevere is accused several times of crimes; both infidelity and murder. The first accusation was that she poisoned an apple and killed Sir Patrise. Sir Lancelot fights to defend Guinevere’s innocence. She is found not guilty later when it was found that Sir Pinel was the person that poisoned the apple. The second instance was when Meliagrant accused her of sleeping with one of the wounded knights after the discovery of blood on her sheets. However, Lancelot jumps into defend her and slays Meliagrant because it was his own blood on the sheets. Though she is not guilty of sleeping with one of the knights, she is still guilty of infidelity. Lastly, the third accusation was when Mordred and Agravain devise a plan to catch Lancelot and Guinevere in the act. Guinevere is guilty of infidelity, but not of murder. I do not believe Lancelot is honest in his word while defending her. He cannot rightfully defend her when he is guilty of infidelity as well.…