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Assignment 2: Case Analysis

McDonald's is the leading global foodservice retailer with more than 35,000 local restaurants serving nearly 70 million people in more than 100 countries each day.
McDonald's history began in 1948, when the brothers Richard and Maurice McDonald opened in San Bernardino (California) its first restaurant McDonald's. Essentially, it was a question of the typical establishment in which it were doing order from car - "drive-in" - that they had developed themselves earlier successfully, but some details were making it very different from the rest. The main difference was its big large window, which children loved and which was giving to the restaurant a very familiar ambience. Our company (November 2014) .
Numerous technical innovations allowed McDonald's to achieve its target: to offer a rapid service, with quality products, and at very low price.
At present McDonald's is probably the chain of restoration most known around the world. Nevertheless, to create this big empire of the fast food, was not something that was in the mind of its founders when, in 1940 they opened its first restaurant.

Company Overview:
What is the business?
McDonald's brand mission is to be the customers' favorite place and way to eat and drink.
McDonald’s is committed to providing the highest quality food and superior service, at a great value, in a clean and welcoming environment. That’s why we work with our employees, franchisees, and suppliers to serve a balanced array of food choices and provide the nutrition information needed for customers to make sound decisions.
At the restaurant level, McDonald’s is focused on energy conservation, sustainable packaging, and waste management. The company dedicates to innovation and improving our operations in order to build an even more sustainable, environmentally friendly, and profitable business. And will continue to optimize the menu, modernize the customer experience, and broaden accessibility to the brand, so that consumers will always enjoy the maximum McDonald’s experience. MacDonald’s, our company Mission and values (November 2014)

Who is the customer?
There are a limited number of customers in the market. But as MacDonald’s product is basically the same in all the world, for example nowadays the big mac is the most famous burger in the whole world which able MacDonald’s to focus in almost all the market. But the main customer segment is the younger people around 14-25 years old or some young couples with child’s between 2-8 years, which are searching, for a place of entertaining and a somewhere to enjoy a meal too. Due to the aging of the population MacDonald’s is also particularly interested in a older market.
Also one of the main customers of MacDonald’s are those business man that are searching for a fast variety and quality meal even tough this is not the segment in which MacDonald’s is focused as it offers a fun and enjoyable place to have a meal.
What does the customer value?
The customer of MacDonald’s values, a nice and fast meal at what ever time they want it, in a nice environment and with the best raw materials as possible, which is pretty similar to MacDonald’s values, so customers really looking for what MacDonald’s is offering as values.
What is the value proposition of the company?
The main proposition is to define the value created for each segment of customers describing the services and products that they offer for each other.
MacDonald’s is very concerned about the quality of their products and is always investing in these kind of feedback in order to improve the hamburgers’ production method.
MacDonald’s was able to differentiate from tis competitors by integrating its length of value within his suppliers and buyers, making a interrelated system that made it possible to obtain the maxim benefit.
The more important values are:
Highest quality on products, verifying all the phases of the production and selection of the raw