Assignment 2: Network Topology Design Essay

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Assignment 2: Network Topology Design

You are the network manager of a company that has grown from 10 employees to 100 employees in 12 months. Year 2 projected growth is estimated to be 100 additional employees located at a remote location. The aggressive growth has brought about some unique challenges and opportunities. The company has one remote warehouse and no off-site disaster recovery services or servers. The network design remains a non-redundant, flat topology.
Your assignment must consider the three-layer hierarchical model. You are free to make supported assumptions of the applications and services that this organization uses.
Write a two to three (2-3) page paper that is supported by a Visio or similar graphic model in
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This "means that addresses are meaningful, hierarchical, and planned. IP addresses that include a prefix and host part are structured. Assigning an IP network number to an enterprise network...subnetting the network number and subnetting the subnets, is a structured (hierarchical) model" (Oppenheimer, p. 168, 2011).

The following is a list of additional steps that I would use in addressing and numbering a network layer:

•Leave room for growth, renumbering or experimental purposes
•Assign blocks of addresses in a hierarchical manner to facilitate good scalability and availability
•Assign blocks of addresses based on the physical network, not on group membership, to avoid problems when group or individual growth or move occurs
•Delegate authority for addressing regional and branch-office networks, subnets, servers, and end systems (if network management expertise is high in this area)
•Use dynamic addressing for end systems to maximize flexibility and minimize configurations
•Use private addresses with network address translation (NAT) in IP environment to maximize security and adaptability. Using a hierarchical network design topology, there will a Core Layer, Distribution Layer, and an Access Layer. The Core Layer will consist of the high-speed backbone, in our case, these will consist of the 20 backend enterprise servers, our headquarters. Since the core layer is the primary basis for