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Based on the facts of the scenario, Royal Caribbean and other cruise company's use of images of excursion in pristine waters in their marketing campaigns. The facts also clearly states that these companies illegally dumps excess oily water and sewages which is directly opposite of the reputation they built. In a research made by Oceana a non-profit organisation that aims to prevent water pollution had done an analysis on illegal dumping done by cruise companies, and compiled from reports by the Environment Protection Agency and the cruise industry.
The research and reports by Oceana cruise liners can generate an excess of 30,000 gallons of sewage or "black water"
250,000 gallons of water from sinks, showers, laundries etc, or "gray water" on a daily basis
7,500 gallons of oily bilge water
7-10 tons of garbage and solid waste in a single day Research and reports compiled for Envirnmental Protection Agency
In a single day, the federal Environmental Protection Agency estimates passengers aboard a typical cruise ship will generate:
21,000 gallons of sewage
One ton of garbage
170,000 gallons of wastewater from sinks, showers and laundry more than 25 pounds of batteries, fluorescent lights, medical wastes and expired chemicals
Up to 6,400 gallons of oily bilge water from engines
Four plastic bottles per passenger - about 8,500 bottles per day for the Carnival Spirit

Therefore, based on the reports and judging by the amount of ships daily, it is inevitable that the sea will be affected by pollution, however with the cruise companies using images of pristine waters in their marketing campaign, and building trust in a subliminal way with the clients, they should be more delicate in their approach of handling their "dirty water".

The ethical subject matter of Royal Caribbean Cruise
Based on the company's code of business conducts and ethics, it is stated that they aim to focus on the key elements of reduction of waste, recycling, and proper disposal. However, Royal Caribbean Cruise's results and outcome is not coherent with their code of conduct which will eventually soil the reputation of the company and losing trust with the customers. On a surface view, it may seem as to be the entire company's fault, however on the deeper view it is due to poor waste management and ineffective and inefficient ways used in disposing the company's wastage.
The solutions to this issue
To search for effective strategies in proper waste managements and implement them among the staffs and workers in the ships. Besides that, efficient strategies on disposal methods should also be seek , these strategies must be practised by the cruise ship members and also customers, by placing a penalty or exclusion clauses cruise ships can spread awareness on protecting the environment to it's staff members and also customers.
A form of strategy
Royal Cruise ships can also install Garbage Disposal Units which is a robust & effective food waste maceration designed specifically for ships, besides that it is also recommended that cruise ships install advanced machines such as disposal systems to reduce waste produced by the ship.
Benefits and Cost
Despite the use advanced technology there are benefits and cost involved in the process. A benefit of using advanced technology in cruise liners for Royal Caribbean Cruise is that the waste produced from the ship will be channelled in an efficient way, without pollution in the process. On the other hand, the cost involved would be the high cost involved in purchasing ,installing and servicing of the advanced machinery in the long run, besides that there will be more cost involved in training the manpower in the ships with new skills for the operation, there will also be high energy required for the function of the machinery. On a surface view, it may seem like a ineffective decision however visioning into the long run will be a strategic decision by the management as it can prevent or reduce the probability of