Assignment 2 – The Diverse Workforce Essay

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Assignment 2 – The Diverse Workforce

The president Obama's pronouncement in May 2012 in favor of same-sex marriage has no legal effect on employers’ decisions on whether to offer benefits to workers’ domestic partners, but some supporters of the same sex-marriage believe it could reinforce a decade-long trend toward coverage. However, many states like Virginia are still debating on whether to make it a law or not. Thus, many companies still have no ground on the subject of how it should be treated within the employment of the company.

Within the company laws and regulation I believe that there should be no discrimination between same of different sex couples. Same sex couple as different sex couples have families, expenses and if not the same needs. Thus, the company should look into changing its regulation and be fair in its judgment not only regarding health insurance but also benefits and compensations. By bringing all workers together and asking for the changes that they want to be made and gathering enough information about their needs, the company would be in good grounds regarding happy workers. All these changes that if made to the company’s regulation and benefits can also help employers attract and retain desirable workers.

Another regulation that could make workers happy is to give the remaining 90% of employees that are minimum wage production staff members more health benefits too, maybe not in the same degree as the other 10% of the company. But If they are given more benefits and treated better, they are more likely to perform and produce higher inputs.

However, if some employees have different insights about giving same sex couple benefits and health insurance, we can definitely work something out. We could