Essay on Assignment 204 Principles of safeguarding and protection in health and social care

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Assignment 208 Task C

Ci -
• Hazard - a hazard is a situation where an individual can become at risk of danger or harm.
• Risk - this is when an individual is exposed to or has the chance to be in danger and/or harm.

Cii - the risks in the case study are the burst pipe which causes leaking onto the floor which is a risk/ hazard of slipping and hurting themselves there is also the leaking onto the light fitting which could put the individual at risk of electrocution if they try to use it.

Ciii - report this immediately and fill out the relevant documentation, to ensure it is done correctly you must include the time and date, a detailed report of what happened, what action you have taken and the outcome of the situation itself, it is then to be signed and printed by you who has reported it.

Case Study Two
Civ - a risk assessment will identify the hazards and the risks, this can help Ellie’s mum put into place safeguarding so that these can be avoided or dealt with, it will also tell you the abilities of Ellie and where she may need assistance such as someone meeting her at each end of the bus journey and helping her on and off of the bus, this can be reviewed to meet the need of Ellie and her mum as time goes on, it will also demonstrate how the benefits of this may outweigh the risks.

Cv - the care worker must check the risk assessment every time it is in use and follow it exactly and record any necessary changes then