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Safeguarding Adults
Safeguarding is about guarding the safety of vulnerable people against abuse. Abuse is a well known term however, what is not well known is the different types of abuse there are. It is the aim of this booklet to increase the knowledge of those who work in a care setting about abuse and what to do if you suspect someone is being abused.
Difference types of abuse
Physical abuse * Injuries, which are unexplained, intentional, or not prevented by another person. * Internal or external injuries (e.g. internal bleeding from body organs, fractures and dislocations) caused by assault (e.g. pushing, pinching, slapping, punching, burning, kicking, force-feeding and inappropriate restraint). * Using incorrect
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Bedsores are sometimes called pressure sores or decubitous ulcers. At first the skin appears red and turns white when touched, like sunburn. Stage two sores break the skin and if left untreated ulcers can crater and leave muscles, tendons and bones exposed.
These sores are caused by prolonged pressure in individuals permitted to let too still for a long period of time. The bony prominences of the body are the most frequently affected sites. The ulcer is cause by diminished blood supply to the underlying structures of the skin, fat and muscles and are a result of the sustained and constant pressure.
Bedsores are very common in homes but this does not mean that are acceptable, they can be prevented by changing a person’s position frequently and by ensuring they have adequate nutrition, using a moisturiser would also help.

Unusual behaviour
A service user that is being subjected to physical, emotional or sexual abuse may act differently, particularly in the presence of certain people; for example they may: * Show signs of mental distress or upset as cries for help, crying etc. * Become quiet and over compliant. * Get aggressive, destructive or paranoid. * Act in a flirtatious or sexualised manor

Incontinence in clients should always be investigated and never just