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I.R.G Consulting Firm
Yissell Lazala-Hewitt
Assignment 1
Dr. Phyllis Parise
May 7, 2013

Create an argument for diversification of your business that will be presented to the board of directors or business investors

International Relations Group (I.R.G.) consulting firm, is a top-quality professional development and coaching service firm. I.R.G caters to Companies interested in expanding their business to the growing global market trends. As the founder of I.R.G. Consulting firm, it believes more and more businesses and entrepreneurs lack the training and developments, and in-depth knowledge needed to attract the Spanish speaking consumer base. The firm was established to allow these businesses to focus on their core line of work; and leave the client support and services to the professionals.
Diversification is the key for success in a Global economy. I.R.G consulting firm is an organization which has opened its doors to provide its services anywhere around the world. Even though there are many consulting firms such as Oracle and Accenture which provide customer support to big business, I.R.G. is building its base by offering top of the lines service to smaller business. In order to maintain relevance and longevity within the coaching service field the firm must branch out and explore other markets within the business consulting arena.
One of the advantages that I.R.G. has compared to other firms is the ongoing development and training to its clients. I.G.R will focus on working with small HR Firm that have the same thrive and initiative of providing excellent service to its consumers. I.R.G wants to be a catalyst in helping their business thrives. Building long term relationships is the focus and key to establishing and creating our client base. Ongoing efforts of supplying support and providing the proper on site assistance is what ensures the client business to thrive.
I.R.G plans on being a leader in its industry by following essential skills needed in order to succeed as a firm. As stated in Ezine @ articles, “Leadership training is essential to help your managers become the best leaders they can be as it will improve on and complement their natural abilities. Some of the basic concepts in leadership training are: * Time Management * Communication Skills * Team Building * Administration Skills
These essential concepts should be part of any effective leadership-training course. Effective leadership is about balancing the need to achieve goals with the need to nurture the team”
Develop a strategy for diversification indicating the products and industries for the diversification and how synergies may be gained from the diversified activity.
Working with other consulting firms and instilling the fundamentals of the company objectives is core in building sales and relationships for I.R.G. I.R.G will not limit itself with its resources. The core component of the firm is to use all available lines of distribution in order to compete in the market. In emphasizing the core objective of training and development, to firms; I.R.G will build relationships with other HR firms so they too can produce reliable and efficient candidates to their clientele and generate revenue not only for I.R.G. but for themselves.
One of the biggest threats to I.R.G. is business’s outsourcing their Spanish speaking clients from other Latin American countries. In looking to reduce the loss of cliental I.R.G. main focus as a consulting firm is to stick to core values of supplying the best customer services needs to its clients. In presenting themselves to perspective clients as a firm who will have them win and bring revenue without jeopardizing the quality of the service there clients will experience. The key goal for the firm is being reliable, efficient and trust worthy with its consumers.
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