Assignment 3: Branding, Pricing, and Distribution Essay

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Assignment 3: Branding, Pricing, and Distribution
Kenneth Lee
Marketing 500
Dr. R. Kay Green Strayer University

2 Authors Note Kenneth L. Lee Graduate of Strayer University. Kenneth L. Lee Is now the owner of Lee’s Recruiting Training Team. The research was done form share holder investments. Correspondence concerning this report should be addressed to Kenneth Lee, owner and author of Lee’s Recruiting Training Team, 22 Lee’s drive Fredericksburg Va. 22444. Contact author: WWW.Lee’

3 Abstract This paper will explore the domestic and global product branding strategy, determine
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However, in the real world we rarely find new products that have such pricing pattern. We observe either a monotonically declining pricing pattern or an increase-decrease pricing pattern that does not seem close to the sales path. ( Krishnan, Bass, and Jain, 1999)
Armed with this data we will make data driven decision along the lines of our corporate strategy - optimal products and service bundles; optimum price levels and structures, optimal discount strategy, and positioning strategy. All of this is discovered with anonymous, targeted, and statistically significant and price specific market research. This research will be done by competitive analysis which will let our company look at the entire package that the

6 competitor is offering. Next we will consider the ceiling price basically to see the maximum price that the market will be able to handle. Finally we will consider price elasticity; if the demand for what we are offering is less elastic then we can go ahead and offer a higher ceiling price, and still be within the competitive market. This data will give our company the opportunity to price properly and be fair in the international market.
Lee’s Recruiting Training Teams distribution channel analysis will cover the following as illustrated below (Illustration 1. in red). This distribution channel illustrates the relationship from the Manufacturer to the