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Assignment # 3 By Asad Iqbal 3009742
1 a) Stan worked for his new employer for 4 days before deciding to quit. Stan is entitled to vacation pay. True or False?
b) Employers are required to provide paid sick leave to employees covered by ESA. True or False?
c) All employees in Ontario are entitled to be paid severance pay. True or False?
False: There is a specified criteria that should be met first. d) Employers can pay their employees in Cash. True or False?
(4 marks)
2) Using the Ministry of Labour “Special Rule Tool”, complete the following chart (4 marks) Industry
Covered/Not Covered
Taxi Cab Driver
Rest periods
Not Covered
Road Construction
Minimum Wage
Not Covered 3) Stella is required to work 9 straight days to meet a contract deadline. Assuming that overtime is not an issue, would this situation be allowed under the Ontario ESA code? What does the legislation say? What about under the Canada labour code for those federally regulated? (5 marks)
Yes, this situation would be allowed under the Ontario ESA code. There are weekly or bi-weekly required rest periods. Therefore, her bi-weekly rest period would be 48 consecutive hours. Under the Canada labour code for these federally regulated it says that except as may be otherwise prescribed by the regulations, hours of work in a week shall be so scheduled and actually worked that each employee has at least one full day of rest in the week, and, wherever practicable, Sunday shall be the normal day of rest in the week.
4) Name 5 items which are required on a statement of wages in the province of Ontario? Is this document mandatory? Can the employer provide an electronic copy? (7 marks)
-Pay period dates -Rate of Pay
-Other payment or living allowances -Gross Earnings
-Deductions and details of purpose
Yes. This document is mandatory and the employer is allowed to provide an electronic copy.
5) Under what circumstances would an employee not be eligible to be paid for a statutory holiday? (2 marks)
If the length of service has been less than 30 days, an employee would not be eligible to stat. If an employee is requested to work on the holiday and an employee refuses to do that, he/she will not be eligible to the stt.
6) What are the similarities and…