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Common Sense

American legislatures have stepped too far using their powers of government to enact written legislature targeting gun owners. It is natural to blame the tools used in perpetrated events, in this case, firearms used by mentally ill attackers on innocent people. The problem however is emotional, knee-jerk response legislature that targets the Second Amendment rights of the American people and not the true issues.

Law abiding citizens will, without choice, follow rules enacted by their government. However, criminals, including the mentally unstable, will have zero chance of applying to the legal dialect on the issue. So outright, any attempts to hem gun control policy will have no effect on the people who need to be targeted the most. Instead, a big burden is put on the constituents who wish to continue to respect the law. Simply put, the bad guys use a gun in a mentally unstable attack, so the government feels like they have to ban guns. The law abiding citizens listen and apply to these new rules. Criminals, do not feel like the need to abide by the law. Therefore, the government is disarming law abiding citizens or turning them immediately into criminals because they feel like they have the right to continue being armed to protect themselves.

Additionally, American law makers are ruling on second amendment verdicts, meanwhile they have zero experience with firearms, are not owners or operators of firearms, or simply have never fired a gun. An analogy would be imagine if these same lawmakers were passing new driving laws due to several high speed accidents, and these lawmakers have never driven a car before, are not licensed drivers, or have ever rode in a motorized vehicle. Yet they still feel qualified. They