Assignment 3: Oracle Table and Query Essay

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Assignment 3: Oracle Table and Query
Bradley Wallace
Strayer University
Professor Mark Cohen
January 27, 2013

This paper is to show how I created an Oracle Table with three columns and input five records into it also ran a Query to show all the input. First launch the putty application and open the one for our class that we created in week one. Sign into Oracle and input the command line (sqlplus [userID]@orcl/[password]) to reach the prompt that reads SQL>. For my database I am going to use NFL quarterbacks for my table creation.
First command I used was Create Table, this is used to create the base table that forms the heart of our relational database. The number in parentheses is used to set how many character can be used in that column and a semi colon is needed after each line in SQLplus. After inputting the user id and password I am at the SQL prompt, this step can be done in one long statement or individual ones, I chose to use one long one but either way will work and I have included examples of both in this paper.
For the long statement, just type in the following command line: Create table NFLQBS (Player_Team varchar(20), Player_Name varchar(20), Player_Number varchar(15)); then hit enter if done correctly it should read, “Table Created”, or if using the individual statements, then type: Create table NFLQBS, and then enter a 2 on the next line. On the following lines, we will create the columns. On line 2 type in, Player_Team varchar(20); then hit enter. On line 3 type in Player_Name varchar(20);, hit enter again. Then on line 4 type in Player_Number varchar(15); and hit enter. If done correctly it should read, “Table Created”. The picture below shows that the table has been created correctly and now I can