Assignment 3 Organizational an National Cultures in Polish-US Joint Venture Essay

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Assignment 1: Organizational and National Cultures in Polish-U.S. Joint Venture
Global Business Manangement-510
Professor Sue Golabek
Christi Griffin
October 27, 2013

Introduction In multinational workplaces understanding how important the significance of cultural differences is larger than we might think. Organizations that are diverse have to work together because their functionality impacts the productivity of the workplace. It is vital to have an understanding the different cultures to develop a strong organization. Certain principles will help you acknowledge that different cultures exist within the organization. As a manager, you have to analyze the reasons for the development of the differences and
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Key questions that will help choose a great leader for the organization is can they handle responsibility as a leader and do they understand the concepts of the organization being different? It takes knowledge and understanding to be set apart from others in the organization because a leader has more responsibility to delegate more tasks in the organization to other employees. Being a multinational joint venture, it is required to know how individual’s beliefs will affect how others work in different cultures. This is important in this case because the Polish and U.S. have different views but still worked together as a team. It can help or harm an organization’s productivity by not acknowledging their beliefs and norms. We may have different views but they can be combined to educate others about the way we operate business. Another way the Hofstede model can help this case, is by designing the organization and making better decisions as a group. Structure is important to the function of an organization. If there is order within the organization, then more organizations will be willing to invest in you. It will also build trust between the organization, employees, and other businesses. Strategy is vital to the success of the organization because it has to be strong for an organization to remain competitive in the global market. Managers are chosen because they are