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Assignment 301 Steven Morgan
Task A Candidate No:

Understanding Roles, Responsibilities and Relationships in Education and Training

Information leaflet

To pass on knowledge is one of your roles as a teacher; however, this in part only scratches the surface. You will be responsible to know your students and their needs, so be understanding on how the learner learns. This will make not only their experience a good one, but make you a better teacher.

If you have knowledge, let others light their candles at it.
~Margaret Fuller.

You will ensure a safe environment where learners feel comfortable and are able to participate fully in the course content. Teachers will comply with any guidance on Health and safety and other legislation relating to safeguarding the rights of individuals whether they are children or adults with or without specific needs and requirements. You will also be familiar with relevant policies and procedures and any local standing orders, this will encourage inclusiveness and appreciation of those with differences and seeing these as wealth and not a hindrance. You will develop to promote inclusion of all those who want to learn and those who are reluctant at first to learn. You will also encourage personal achievement.

As part of ensuring that you have a safe environment you must make sure that the learning environment is as needed and that optimal class participation is achievable, heat, light and access and egress are suitable for all.

You will conduct getting to know you ice breakers to allow class bonding as this will help you in not only getting to know the learners but the learners being put at ease with each other. The setting of ground rules will set the boundaries of the course; group participation is the key here and will allow the learners to set some of their own ground rules. Not only will these set the limits for the class but can be used to reinforce behaviour if need be.

As the teacher you will be responsible to plan and assemble the required course content which will be tailored to meet the demands of the task that you have been set. The use of different resources and learning methods such a PowerPoint, videos or handouts must enhance the learner’s experience. This has to be customized to the needs of the learner, to include any specific needs where reasonably can be met.

If a child can’t learn the way we teach, maybe we should teach the way that they learn. ~ Ignacio Estrada.

The delivery of sound structured lessons will be of a high standard and