Research Methods

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Caili LaRocca
Research Methods
Assignment 4
A. List Procedures- Qualitative: Purposive
The target market for this sampling plan is the attendees of the event as well as personnel that participate in the creation of the event. The size of the populations sampled is roughly around 100-200 guests, 25-30 vendors, and 15-20 volunteers and workers. Relevant characteristics for this sample include being aged from 21 to 50 and are in stable economic standings. Each subject has a special connection to this event and can give feedback on how successful as well as feasible the event was. The procedures taken to get this feedback include assessing everyone who attended the event and hand out a survey as guests and vendors are leaving. This survey will provide them with questions that will assess the feasibility of the final event.
B. Discuss Procedures-
The sample size will be determined by who will fill out the survey given at the end of the event. Everyone will have access to the survey, from the participants to the vendors, since they will be given the survey at the end of the event. The anticipated general response from the survey is that it was a success and is feasible to conduct the event again in upcoming years. C. Describe Sample-
The sample consists of stratified random sampling, cluster sampling, and simple random sampling. The people used to take these surveys were chosen through non-probability methods such as experts for interpreting the budget, convenience for guests exiting the event, volunteer, and quota.

Assignment 5
Statement: What is Event Feasibility?
Present and Explain Design-
Data collection matrix-
Procedure/approach: _______________
Questions Sub-questions Sources of info Methods of Access
What is Event feasibility?
What can be done to make the event more feasible?
What was done that was correct? What can be improved upon?
Any data

The data that needs to be gathered is how feasible the end event was. The main measurement instruments to be used are surveys, interviews, observations and the final revenue of the event. The basis for establishing the reliability and validity of these instruments is that each of the methods used to gather the information is valid, whether it be a designated survey or a trained employee. The method of surveys will allow for the ability to learn about the validity and reliability of the methods used to conduct the event and will show the good methods that can be used for similar events. Each method can show different aspects of the event and can provide feedback from multiple sources. Having these different resources are a great way to diversify the overall event company.
II. Validity- Qualitative, research design-
Qualitative design was selected because event feasibility can be based off of the methods of data, exploring feasibility, what is the nature of