Essay Assignment 4

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Assignment 4
Analyse different ways in which you would establish ground rules with your learners, which underpin behaviour and respect for others

Ground rules are an essential aspect for effective organisation of the classroom and must be created at the start of any course. Ground rules clearly explain both the learners and the tutor’s expectations. It is also significant as acceptable behaviour and approaches in the classroom will make sure the learning environment is safe for everyone and promotes respect and consideration for others. If ground rules are not in place then disorder may transpire (Gravells, 2012).
There are a numerous ways that a group of learners can set their ground rules. The first being the tutor prepares a set of rules, which are imposed without discussion. Secondly, the learners have responsibility of implementing the rules, which are agreed without tutor input and these are acknowledged with no other rules being included and lastly, a combination of the two. Rules are created by the learners, but with some rules that must be included.

According to the Boston Area Educators for Social Responsibility (1993) the assistance of the tutor is required to empower learners to establish ground rules. With this in mind I put in place ground rules that are generally suggested by previous learners, which assists the learners with a starting point. I do, however, when notifying the learners of the ground rules always state that if there are any rules that they do not agree with this can be discussed as a group and I would explain to the learners how the ground rule would be beneficial to their learning. Petty (2004) states the learners need to be agreeable,