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(1) A victim of alleged discrimination must file a claim with the EEOC before bringing a suit against the employer, so Judy should file a claim with the EEOC for the first step.
(a) She was a member of a protected class,
(b) She was qualified for the job,
(c) She suffered an adverse employment action,
(d) She was replaced with someone outside her protected class.
(3) When discrimination has occurred, Utaz can find bona fide occupational qualification. It allows employers to discriminate in hiring on basis of gender when doing a reasonable for job.

(1) In summer, I teach dance to the teenagers in a famous dancing crew. I work for my boss in China.
(A) The principal is my boss.
(B) I am the agent.
(C) The purpose of the agency relationship is to teach the teenagers and tell them how to practice dance.
(D) As an agent, my duties are trying my best to teach the teenagers and improve pur reputation. At the same time, the agent must have the performance, notification, loyalty, obedience and accounting. For the principal, he must have the compensation, reimbursement, cooperation and safe working conditions.
(A) I am an employee of the agent.
(B) Based on a reasonable contract.
(C) I have an apparent authority.
(D) Termination of an agency by operation of law occurs in the circumstance discussed here. Generally, there are five ways to terminate the agency.
1. Death and insanity,
2. Impossibility;
3. Changed circumstance;
4. Bankruptcy;
5. War.

(1) Carl was fired because this is the