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When diagnosing future clients it will be our duty as professionals to do so taking into consideration the cultural complexities which affect the individual and make his or her situation unique. The new DSM has made this task more easily accomplished but we as professionals need to take certain steps ourselves to insure cultural considerations are at the very least noted in our client’s diagnosis.
These are some of the steps to including a cultural aspect to the diagnosis process. We need to insure our client’s “truly” understand the referral or assessment questions. There are times when clients who really are confused or completely lost will nod their head in agreement, when they truly do not understand what was said. This pertains to people of whom English is a second language and even those born and raised in the U.S. I feel that also crucial for the professional him or herself to have a thorough understanding of how the client’s cultural issues may affect the clients potential outcome. We must remember the difference between forensic and clinical questioning and that forensic questioning is more about history which may not “appear” to be directly related to the diagnosis process. I also feel this information needs to be documented as part of the patient/ client history and noted in all appropriate areas. Another tool is to remember to use the F.A.C.T.S. model when performing assessments. The biggest factor is that “we” learn how outside factors have affected our client’s lives. This information can generally be crucial in the proper diagnosis of a minority or immigrant client and will help insure accurate treatment planning and diagnosis.