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W 430: Organizations & Org Change
Kassidie Houchin
Assignment 5
A. What mistakes were made by Ms. Albanese?
Ms. Albanese made quite a few mistakes while trying to implement this change. I believe what she was trying to change is what the company needed but the way she went about it was not right and obviously did not work very well. She was trying to implement a change that needed to take time, but she wanted the change to happen right away. The case stated that the company was getting ready to move into the peak holiday season. She then should have decided to wait to fully implement the change until after. I also feel like she should have done more research regarding the different regions to see what they were selling more/less of and what was working/what wasn’t working for them. The case said that she had decided to make this change after only being there for three weeks. I agree with what Mobley suggested, she should have gone to visit the different regions and discuss her change with them in person to gain their insight and to see if they had any ideas on what they could do to help the company.
B. Why is she not getting notice?

Ms. Albanese isn’t getting notice for a few reasons. Although she did consult with Mr. Mobley on what her plans for the change in policy were and he agreed, she didn’t necessarily consult with all of the relevant stakeholders. Like I had stated earlier, the case says that she had decided to send an email out to the financial and purchasing executives in each region, and in fact she should have gone to each region and sat down and talked to each of the executives. In some cases, sending an email out to everyone may be more beneficial, but in this case it seemed more important to actually go and talk face to face with the executives so that she could get their input and they could give her feedback on how they felt about the new policy. The executives weren’t a part of the decision making at all, they were only filled in on the change when Ms. Albanese was trying to enforce it.
The case also stated that replies from the email had come in from most of the regions with the executives stating that they…