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MKT 372 Brand Management Assignment 5

Case Assignment: Assess Habitat for Humanity International using Interbrand’s 10 Components of Brand Strength (use “Interbrand 100 Best Global Brands Methodology” reading).

A. Identify 2 components of Interbrand brand strength that HFHI likely fared well on (justify your answer).

Component 1: Authenticity. Interbrand #5 explains that “Authenticity, asks if a brand has a defined heritage and a well-grounded value set, as well as if it an deliver against customers’ expectations”. From the article, I have gathered that if there is one thing that HFHI does well, it is staying true to their word and original intention. One excellent example is when the founder, Fuller was preparing for the Building on Faith Week. He noticed that certain banners were not hung, that proclaimed their strong affiliation with the Christian religion, because they didn’t want to offend some Jewish and Muslim people were attending. Fuller responded by explaining that HFHI was Christian organization and that they didn’t have to “exclude Jesus to include people of other faiths”. This is a very powerful example of authenticity, especially from a business standpoint. It proves that although it may limit funds or potential partners, it still showed what the company held true and was based on.

Component 2: Understanding. Interbrand #7 states that not only is it important to have brand recognition, but there must also be an “in depth understanding of its distinctive qualities and characteristics”. Through a series of focus groups performed on the general public, HFHI partners, potential new partners, and corporate officers, it was revealed that HFHI enjoyed both a high profile and brand popular support, with 69% aided recognition. The research also showed that all people knowing the brand had positive or very positive feeling toward the organization and it’s work. Although research found that HFHI potential partners had an inaccurate image of the brand, (which is in part due to the lack of Clarity of the brand’s mission), it was shown that these negative views were easily turned positive one the understood the actual partnership concept.

B. Identify 2 components of Interbrand brand strength that HFHI likely fared poorly on (justify your answer).

Component 1: Clarity, HFHI’s purpose was stated and understood in the opening paragraph of the article, which was to use the model of “partnership housing” to build simple and decent homes for the homeless or impoverished. Yet, when the article discusses “Mission and Goals”, it states over 8 different descriptions of what could be considered their mission or purpose. In addition, instead of being concise…