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Assignment # 7

A. Stevenson Apparel failure in the following ways:

1. Certainly the first was the need of preliminary investigation of the existing system.

2. The Second was the insufficient training, to the new cashier; because cahier was familiar with electronic cash register.

3. The third was the lack of action plan causing potential interface requirements with other systems. Complete system and application documentation is lacking, causing confusion and misunderstandings.
4. The Fourth I found was that the organization fails to modify Current POS system supporting for credit card transaction and no longer fit for this purpose/is ineffective.
B. Stevenson could remedy the situation the following ways:

1. The company could remedy the situation by use an interdisciplinary study team to correct the problem and performance and preliminary investigation. The preliminary investigation is a critical step because the outcome will affect the entire development process.
2. The company could retrain the cashier to help her do her job more efficiently.
3. The follow-up studies could reveal what problems exist in the system, and maintenance monitors the new system to satisfy the three levels of organizational goals.
4. The company need to analyze current Supporting system in order to resolve the weakness of credit card transaction and maintained their client’s expectations.

Case 13-19- Wright Company (Analyzing System Report)

B. Indicade weather each of foregoing four reactions contributes positively or negatively or positively to Wright Company's operation effectiveness. Explained:
If many department heads do not act on certain reports during periods of peak activity could be dysfunctional. The lack of act would impede the properly use of the information and probably will be more difficult to catch up during the lulls.
The Accumulation of too many reports is a dysfunctional. The overload of information can caused delay to each department.
The department head's actions can be considered dysfunctional and undesirable. The ability of the department head to refer to the data at any time without reminded by other is essential for good decision-making. The irregularities of action that occur from the head department could result in delay of the information required.
Sources documents are important in AIS because…