Assignment 7 Ecommerce Essays

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Ronald W. Thomas
Dr. Maurice Elliard
MK 4180 - Marketing Information Systems
March 19, 2015
Assignment #7
Select an e-commerce site and describe the methods used to keep users coming back to the site. Which methods do you think are effective and which seem to be ineffective? What can be done to increase repeat visits to the website? Your assignment must be at least 200 words, and you must cite at least four references.
An ecommerce site that I regularly go to is Forever21 is an American chain of fashion retail stores. With the recent online expansion and very competitive fashion market, a lot of retail stores are focusing more on their online retail due to the recent rise of new-entry online fashion retailers carrying similar products. A method Forever21 use to attract consumers to their website are the sales. Forever21 have a great sale every week, and even allow users to sign up for newsletters via email whenever there is a sale going on. Another effective method Forever21 use to draw consumers to the website is the occasional free shipping on certain orders, during certain times especially around holidays, and for different sales. By allowing consumers to purchase products and not have to pay a shipping charge, allows users to buy the same products that they can get by visiting a retail store sent directly to their home.
6 ways to increase audience as well as retain customers on your websites are listed by Mulvenna and Tanner, co-founders of BrightPearl. The first way to increase customers is by maximizing search engine visibility. “These days, search engines are the first place most people look when searching for a particular product online. Consequently, it’s also