Assignment 8 Feedback Essays

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Course: Teaching Assistant Level 3
Module: Assignment 8
Tutor Talk
All students are reminded to make copies of their submitted work as your work may not be returned, as the college may need to retain this for internal quality assurance purposes. This marking sheet contains your tutors comments and feedback on the work you have submitted.
In line with the awarding bodies' marking regulations, each question will either be marked as OBJECTIVE
MET (this means that the student has included all the necessary information in their answer to satisfy the
Learning Objective. The tutor may or may not comment on the work) or OBJECTIVE NOT MET (this means that the student has not included sufficient information in their answer to satisfy the Learning Objective. The tutor will indicate what needs to be included in order to satisfy the Learning Objective.) If the Learning
Objective is NOT MET, the student will need to resubmit additional information for the answer in order to meet the Learning Objective. ALL Learning Objectives MUST be PASSED in order to progress.
At the end of the mark sheet, the student will not be issued a grade, only a pass or fail grade indication will be awarded. In order to achieve a pass grade ALL objectives will need to be met.

Question 1

Passed. Comment: Valid points mentioned in your answer