Company Introduction, Market Segmentation, And Product Positioning

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Company Introduction, Market Segmentation, and Product Positioning

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Introduction This describes what you will be writing about, it is an overview. Note indent in paragraph and only one space between sentences, all work is double-spaced, no extra spaces between paragraphs. Make sure you have spell and grammar check turned on in Word, it will really help you in your writing.
Company Background
Mission Statement
Foreign Market
Potential Audiences
Marketing Segment
Target Market
Market Position
Tell me what you found out. XXXXXXXX

(note this heading is not bold, and they need to be on a separate page, double spaced with second and third lines indented, nor first or middle names only initials, and in alphabetical order). The book is in perfect APA in the course guide.
The following are examples for textbooks, journals, and websites. This is the format you should use and further clarification can be found in the APA 6th edition manual and the following two websites: Bergenstock, D. (2004). An analysis of the international diamond market. Lewiston, NY: The
Edward Mellon Press.
Chang, S. et al. (2002). The global diamond industry. Chazen Web Journal of International Business. Retrieved from (URL needed here since not sure if it will change)
Porter, M. (2004). What is strategy? In S. Segal-Horn (Ed.),
The strategy reader (pp. 41-62). Victoria, AU: Blackwell Publishing.
Segal-Horn, S. (Ed.), (2004). The strategy reader. Victoria, AU: Blackwell Publishing. Notice the title of the book here
Yi, S. & Baumgartner, H. (2004). Coping with negative emotions in purchase-related