Assignment: Automobile and Left Hand Traffic Essay

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After moving to Sydney last month, I tried my best to adapt myself to the completely new living surroundings. Enjoying the fantastic weather, delicious food and friendly relationship among people, I face some problems such as the high frequency using of transportation, which pushes me to take into account whether need to purchase a car to facilitate my daily life. To make a correct decision, I want to apply the SWOT tool to analyse this case.
Initially, I list the strengths, weaknesses from the internal aspects and also external factors which may be influential to my decision such as opportunities, threats.
I am a qualified driver in China, who has holding the driving license for over ten years.
Due to the flexibility of private cars, I could allocate more time to study.
My current financial capability can support my purchase scheme.
The left hand traffic in Australia places a barrier for me to fit in with.
Driving a car is not beneficial to environmental protection.
The sudden dropping of Australia dollars is an incentive to purchase a car.
The descending trend of loan interest might reduce my financial burden.
The possible increase of fuel prices, parking fees and other expenses will place me extra burden.
Local authority will publish some regulations to restrict the usage of private cars.
After evaluating these factors which influence my decision, I decide to leave three-month adaptive phase, then purchase an environment-friendly automobile with high fuel-efficiency as well as low exhaust emission.
The SWOT tool plays an important role in my decision. Firstly, it assists to analyse the situation from four diverse dimensions, allowing me to have a clear and comprehensive understanding of the existing advantageous factors and external favourable ones to achieve my objective, as well as my own weakness and uncontrolled external threats which may be obstacles to achievement. The more significant power of the SWOT analysis lies