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Information Processing

* Masters NQF Level 7

Assignment 1 (of 1)

Estate Agent Case Study

* Weighting: 100%

Hand out date: W/C 12 November 2012

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15 April 2013

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In this assignment you will consider the nature of information and how an information system can gain a business a competitive advantage. You will plan, design and implement a database solution that meets a specific business scenario.

Assignment brief

Read the following case study carefully. It is based upon a local estate agency which currently uses a paper based system for processing sales.

Clients wishing to put their property on the market visit the estate agent, who will take details of their house, flat or bungalow and enter them on a card which is filed according to the area, price range and type of property.

Potential buyers complete a similar type of card which is filed by buyer name in an A4 binder. Weekly, the estate agent matches the potential buyer’ requirements with the available properties and sends them the details of selected properties.

When a sale is completed, the buyer confirms that the contracts have been exchanged, client details are removed from the property file, and an invoice is sent to the client. The client receives the top copy of a three part set, with the other two copies being filed.

On receipt of the payment the invoice copies are stamped and archived. Invoices are checked on a monthly basis and for those accounts not settled within two months a reminder (the third copy of the invoice) is sent to the client.

Task 1

Explain the differences between data, information and knowledge illustrating your answers using examples from the case study.

Task 2

Analyse the case study and, using appropriate modelling techniques, produce planning and design documentation for a proposed Information System

Task 3

Using appropriate software create an Information System in line with the design documentation created in Task 2

Task 4

Justify your choice of Database Management System for your Information System and identify any social, ethical and legal issues that the estate agency might face when the system is implemented.

The total word count should be between 3000 and 3500 words.

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Traing time consumting ,lose employees ,problem ,disadvantage,security stroy boad Learner information * PLAGIARISM


Plagiarism is copying from a published text or another student, and passing the work off as your own. You must acknowledge all sources. In text use the HARVARD METHOD with quotation and page numbers for quotes.

Full reference details should be given in the bibliography
Unacknowledged paraphrasing may also be plagiarism


For further information please see Bradford College's Guidelines on Referencing in Academic Writing.


Learning outcomes

On completion of this module the student should be able to:

* Demonstrate a comprehensive understanding of the role of information systems in the digital age. * Critically evaluate a range of relational models, post-relational models and database platforms with particular reference to query processing and the SQL language. * Evaluate a range of database technologies and their impact on strategic decision making. * Plan, design, develop and demonstrate a query processing database solution using an