Assignment: Credit Card and Clerk Checks Customer Essay

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Requirement Gathering
Step 1. Create an owner’s view for the system

Step 2. Identify the users of the system.
Business Users
Headquarter office Staff (HQ): Those who sends a central list with all available vehicles
Customer: Those who make booking over the phone or walk-in.
Inventory management staff: Those who purchase new vehicles every few months.
Office clerk: Those who receive customer and take phone call booking and walk-in booking.
Manager: Those who send a list of available vehicles.
//? Question: are they same?
Information System Users
Office clerk: Those who works in a local office to check the availability of the vehicle and make a booking for customers.
Accountants: Those who manage online payments and discounts.
Customer: Those who book a vehicle online.
Manager: Those who update or keep rental price online.

Domain Analysis

Step 1. Domain definitions
The VehicleHire
Domain Scope
Scope Outline

Rental Management

All activities that directly come into contact with subscribers fall within this domain, including:
Keep track of available vehicles.
Record customer personal information
Validate customer drive license
Calculate discount.
Calculate damage or extension penalty.
Process final payment.
Customer Payment Management
All activities that directly come into contact with contributors fall within this domain.
Keep track of customer payment
Validate credit card
Charge credit card
Accounts receivable

Customer Relationship Management
Keep track of customers’ records
Enable customer to recharge money into VIP card
Record customer by the frequency of hire and the total price of rental
Discount VIP card holder
Enable customer use VIP card as a cash.
Vehicle Management
Keep track of all vehicles
Keeps and updates a price for each vehicle
Purchase new vehicles
Retire vehicles
Business Report
Keep track of number of days for renting of each vehicle.
Keep track of which categories of vehicles have made the highest profit.
Keep track of which brand has the nest performance on the rental of vehicle.
Keep track of VIP card usage.
Online Booking
Enable customer book vehicle online
Enable customer pay online
Send notice a new booking to staff
Send notice the details of the booking to customer

Step2. Domain Dictionary The VehicleHire
Domain Dictionary
Rent a vehicle from the company
Office Clerk
Check available vehicle
Credit Card
Is used to pay for rental fee
Business rule
Rules for discount if customer have VIP card, 5% discount will be applied.
Payment Management
Managing customers’ payments
Payment details.
Booking details: personal and payment information and drive license
Booking to rent vehicle. The customer books a vehicle by filling out the booking application form.
Headquarter Office Staff
Send a central list with all available vehicles from the different suppliers, including price, availability information, the ratings and categories of vehicles.
HQ Management
Analyse the rental figures, the vehicle popularity, the usage of customers and the location of vehicles.
Process clerk hand over vehicle to customer.
Finalise customers’ payments

Behavioral Modeling
1. Identify stakeholders
The VehicleHire
Stakeholders & Actors
Payment system
Manages receivables, including validating and charging credit cards.
Local office manager
Prepare reports for revenue and hiring transactions on vehicles regularly to Headquarter office
Headquarter office
Manages rental price of vehicles and purchase new vehicles. Send a central list with all available vehicles
A person who book and rent vehicle.
Subscription Applicant
A person or an organisation who wants to receive a certain number of issues and submits an application
Office Clerk
A person who check available vehicle for customer and