Assignment: Crime and Professional Sports Player Essay

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CRJ 230

Question #1: List and discuss the subareas of the criminological enterprise.

Question #2:

According to the text, Conflict view of crime paints society as a collection of diverse groups that includes, business owners, workers, professionals and students, who are in constant and continuing conflict. The criminal justice system has its twist on things, it doesn’t seem to matter who did what anymore, its more of who should and can pay for what. They say the criminal laws are viewed as acts created to protect the haves from the have-nots. In many situations it happens that middle to upper class uses their power of wealth to advance their economic and social position. While that group is paying their dues and given lenient sentences for a more serious crime, you have the poor going to prison for minor law violations.
As you read more into the text it is given that criminal law reflects and protects established economics, racial, gendered and political power and privilege rather than just being class neutral. Crime is a political concept designed to protect the power and position of the upper class at the expense of the poor. I think a lot of times conflict view of crimes has to do with the way society view things. For example being in my other criminal justice class I’ve read different scenarios as to how upper class are being treated as to lower class in the eyes of society. On one hand there is a professional sports player who commits a crime and you have a person with no job commits that same crime, the conflict lies when its time to get a trial and go in front of the judge. Society will seek that the professional sports player gets the help they