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Introductory Speech

Target time:
3 - 4 minutes

Discover an apt metaphor to introduce a classmate; after your speech we should all be eager to meet this person too.

This is a satisfying assignment, because you will get a chance to meet, interview, and get to know one of your classmates, and hear the great attributes of everyone in your lab section. This is the only speech we do in COM 102—so make the most of it to gain some practical skills for your future at WSU and beyond.

On the meeting of your discussion lab (during Week 2) you will be paired with another student. We aim to pair strangers; if your TA inadvertently pairs you with a friend, please let him or her know, so a new partner, one unknown to you, can be found for you (seriously, if you already know your partner it will be extremely difficult to come up with an interesting introduction—trust me on this). Share contact information with them, to whatever degree you find comfortable. You will communicate several times outside of class and at the CUB or the Library, or Starbucks, or the lounge of your living unit, wherever. Converse with your assigned partner with these goals in mind: Develop rapport appropriate for an academic assignment Find a comfortable “working relationship” suitable to an academic assignment A few biographical details and facts to support your points is appropriate in your speech Discover enough interesting information about them to devise a three to four minute speech More important than mere “facts,” though, you will also be seeking to discover a deeper sense of who this person “is.” To use a bit of jargon, you be seeking to understand a bit of their essence, and then finding an interesting way to share that with the class Everybody has something unique about them, something interesting and even wonderful. Discover some of your partner’s qualities, and highlight those for the class

For the speech, you will devise an interesting and appropriate metaphor for your partner (e.g., “If John was an animal, he’d be a…” “Melanie is an artichoke. When you first pick up an artichoke it seems a little tough, and even prickly. But once you figure it out, it’s one of the most amazing treats ever. Melanie was like that for me- when we first met I thought ‘OMG- how can I find something nice to say about her?’ But as we talked, in one minute flat I thought she was the warmest, nicest person I had met at WSU. I think we’ll be friends…” etc. ).

Your textbook chapter reading assignments will give you good details on the parts of a speech, and how to systematically structure your speech. Your TA will expand on this in lab. These include:

a proper introduction a speech body main points supporting evidence/examples for these main points a proper conclusion

Note that at this time while we are focusing on speech structure, and your general enthusiasm and the energy and thoroughness you bring to the assignment.We are not fussing quite so much about your delivery skills, even though those are very important! But one step at a time; we will practice delivery skills very soon. Meanwhile just engage with the assignment and your speaking partner, prepare thoroughly as we are laying it out here, in lecture, in lab section, and in the textbook. Be yourself, and you will likely do fine. Be sure to practice sufficiently to get your timing perfected! Doing fewer than five or six run-through rehearsals is probably not enough to do a great performance.

You and your partner will want to communicate more than one time. Your mission is to