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Cascio shows how good HR practices pay off and provides a method for showing the payoff, behavioral costing. Yet HR is notorious for getting no respect in the business (or government or not-for-profit) world. The article, “Why We Hate HR” -- -- is getting old, but seems to represent the sentiments of many. The article has been updated with "Why We (Shouldn't) Hate HR" at A proposed solution is found in “It’s Time to Redesign HR” at
Is this lack of regard still a problem? If so, what do we do about it? Do you agree with the sentiments expressed in "Why We (Shouldn't) Hate HR?"
Analyze the Bersin article and tell us your thoughts.
There are always things to be improved at workplace. When we look for the job search, we highly want to work at the company where we can see our good future of ourselves. We prefer to work where the company can have asset to provide a good training for the employee. In addition to they should have good benefit for the employee and etc. My background was preschool teacher so there are not many chances to work at the office setting. However, even it is a different job; the fact is that every company and organization has HR department or similar duties done by the somebody. It means HR does important role as a center of the company. We don’t have many chances to see or talk HR department. However they shouldn’t be lack of regard anymore. In order to respect by the…