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In this paper I am going to conduct a job analysis in an organization that has never had job descriptions. So to structure my paper, I am going to outline what this organization must do to develop a job analysis through several methods such as interviews, questionnaires, observations, and diary/logs. For this exercise I have determined that the best approach for this organization would be to utilize logs in order to get a more accurate job description at first then use other methods to get a more accurate outline of a position.
The purpose of a job analysis is to determine the criteria of duties, positions and characteristics of personnel in which you want to hire for a particular job (Fleishman & Mumford, 1991 p. 523). Job analysis specifies material about what the job requires and what personalities are required to accomplish the job. (Fleishman & Mumford, 1991 p. 523) Supervisors utilize job descriptions and specifications to help them select whom to hire. The most common approaches for collecting job analysis data are questionnaires, interviews, observations, and work logs. (Akhigbe, 2013 p. 390) Managers use this data to specify accurate information about the job responsibilities.
For this organization, I would have the employees keep a work log of what they accomplished during the day. For every task he or she participates in, and the employee records their activity in a log. A work log can generate a thorough depiction of the job, especially when accompanied with a follow up interview with the worker and the supervisor. Occasionally, an employee might try to embellish some events and understate others. Hence, the detailed, chronological description of the work log should resolve this issue. (Marrelli, 2007 p. 45)
There are clearly many ways to obtain job analysis information. For instance, you can acquire it from individual workers, groups, supervisors, or from the observations of job. You can use interviews, observations, work logs or questionnaires. Some companies use just an individual approach, like having the job analyst do