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Explain how Health and Safety is monitored and maintained and how people in your work setting are made aware of risks and hazards and encouraged to work safely.

In my setting we have risk assessments for all areas that are available to us when running our club. These assessments are written by the session leaders with input from all session workers. The assessments are easily available for all session workers to look at when convenient. Also if a new member of staff is employed they are told to look through them so they are aware of the hazards and risks while working with the young people.

(Outcome 1.2) Please complete the table below showing where you could go to gain further information on current guidance for planning healthy and safe environments. Please provide 3 examples.
(Outcome 1.3)

How can they help with planning for safe environments?
They give detailed accounts of all regulations
They give advice for anyone working in any work sector
It provides example risk assessments
It gives tips on writing risk assessments

Ofsted provide information on what they are looking for when inspecting, so helps you to plan effectively when planning a safe environment
This website is a database of all legislations, so can help if you are unsure of a certain legislation

Explain how risk assessments for your workplace are monitored and reviewed, to include how often risk assessments are carried out and who is responsible in your setting for carrying out risk assessments.
(Outcome 2.3)
At WYPCP, every staff member is expected to contribute when risk assessments are being written, however it is the session leader’s responsibility to get it written up and processed. Once the risk assessment has been written it is sent to the Chair of Trustees who then signs it off as correct.
Risk assessments are