Assignment: Health Canada Investigation Essay

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SCMA 2050 - FALL 2013

GOAL: This assignment will familiarize you with a very reputable Canadian website that can be used as a reliable source of information during your academic studies and throughout your career. By researching a topic on Health Canada’s website, you will gain a good understanding of how powerful this resource is and also develop a better understanding of how health promotion strategies are utilized to enhance the health of Canadian citizens.

Choose one of the following topics to research:

a) Antibiotic resistance g) Natural Health Products
b) Caffeine h) Smog
c) Cell phone use i) West Nile Virus
d) Energy drinks j) Personal stereo systems
e) Avian Influenza k) Trans fat
f) Human Papilloma Virus l) Hepatitis B

INSTRUCTIONS: Log into Health Canada’s website at Click on the “Healthy Living” tab on the left, then the “It’s Your Health” tab, then the “Diseases” tab. In the body of the text on this page, you will see a link that tells you to go to the “complete alphabetical list” to see more topics. Click on this link and you will see all of the above topics listed plus more. You can choose a topic other than the ones listed above. Use this resource to answer the following questions.

1) Why is this issue included in the Health Canada website?

2) What is the key message that Health Canada is communicating and what demographic is their message targeting.

3) What organizations, groups or individuals in Canada and/or abroad support and/or promote Health Canada’s message on this issue? What is their incentive for promoting this message. Use the internet and association/organizational resources and links to answer this question. Ex. MADD supports Health Canada’s message not to drink and drive in an attempt to decrease fatalities related to drinking and driving so that other mothers don’t have to feel the pain of losing loved ones.

4) What media messaging (tv, radio, billboards, magazine, newspaper,