Assignment: Iphone and Ambient Light Sensor Essay

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APPLE Inc. 2010,

Problem Statement: You have been hired by the ghost of Steve Jobs as the senior technical officer. Your first assignment is to: 1. Determine Apple’s business/technology strengths & weaknesses. [2 points]
* They have differentiated themselves from their competition by offering unique products. In addition they were one of the first companies that spend a lot of time on the physical design of their products. * They are a billion dollar business that has managed to make a famous name for them, and most of their products are globally recognized. * Loyal customers, meaning that they will most likely continue to buy apple products in the future. * They have been and are still a very fast growing company with a very good and accepted price to earnings ratio.

Weaknesses * They have compatibility issues with regard to iso standards such as HDMI and Display port. In addition the connector port they are using now presents a problem for Apple, because this port are too big and needs to be changed in order to make smaller and more efficient smart phones. This present yet again a compatibility issue with existing apple docking devises. * In the last few years apple have been locking down their products by for example integrating the battery so you can’t change it. * They have stopped developing their growing pro video editing software. * They have lost their genius leader Steve Jobs, * Operates in one of the most competitive sector, which means that they have to stay innovation to keep an competitive advantage. * They are competing in both software and hardware sector against many Big companies that can make the life hard for apple.

Resources: * *

2. What are Apple’s products and the corresponding Core and Enabling technologies comprising Apple’s technology platform(s)? Identify at least 5 technologies? [4 points ] You must use one of the formal processes we learned to identify Core competencies.

Apple has a wide range of products covering many customer needs. Listed are the ones I think are of most relevance to this assignment. * Mac * I pad * I phone * I pod * I tunes * OS X * I OS * Safari
By first dividing these products into families and then breaking those down we can determine their corresponding core products:

* System on a chip (SoC) * Processors * Touch displays * Software
These core products can be further broken down to show the corresponding core technology:

* Multi touch technologies * Automatic rotation (gyro) * Virtual keyboard * Ambient light sensor * Software * Production technology * Design * Customized Processor’s

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3. Classify each technology according to its potential for proprietary competitive advantage .You can rate these as low, med. high.

* Multi touch technologies: Med * Automatic rotation (gyro): Med * Virtual keyboard: Med * Ambient light sensor: Med * Software: High * Production technology: Med * Design: High * Customized Processor’s: Med

4. What strategies (business & technical) did Apple pursue to ensure a competitive advantage in the MP3 Player business? [2 points]

Apple found the need for a new way of listening to music while on the road. So the existing products where Walkman,