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1.0 Introduction
In the management of a business or an operation process, solving problem which occurs during the management is an inescapable step to maintain and enhance the capabilities and profits of company (Berends H., 2012). All problems will be generated during three tasks of the company (Slack, N., 2010), which are designing aims, structuring operational system (process) and managing (applying) resource. To solve the problem, the first step is to the problem as precise as possible, hence, in this report, it is attempting to analyze and solve problem through a case study.

1.1 Analysis Method
In this report, it utilizes a stimulation game which imitated a car manufacture process. To analyze the problems occur from the operation of stimulation process, it is necessary to use applied system theory, because of it could highlight the interaction and relationships inside of system and examine system from overall view (Dekkers R, 2013). To achieve that, the Blackbox Approach (ibid) has been employed to identify the interaction between system and environment. After that, it is effective that to analyze the inside of the system from outside, which called zooming in (ibid).

1.2 Analysis Results
Through the analysis by using method above, it finds three varieties of problems which are structure weakness, lack of strategies and unsuitably using resource. Of these, the lack of strategies and structure design emerged before the real operating of the system, and the inefficiently using of the resource occurred before and during the operating.

1.3 Solution Discussion
As the Berends claimed, to solving the problems emerge in the different varieties, it needs to apply corresponding solutions for each variety. In this report, it uses structure redesign, strategy planning and improving resource utilization. Furthermore, to make the solutions efficiently, it needs to combine the solutions together.
1.4 Limitations
In this report, the analysis bases on the practice of the stimulation game, which may occur missed variable due to the weakness of the game design and participants operating. Additionally, the problems analyzed may also conducted by the misleading of the participants rather than the real problem will emerge in the real company operations. Moreover, this analysis base on the applied system theory and operations management theory etc., however, the other theories that not be used in analyzing could give more precise explanation. Finally, considering the limited data and information collected from the case, it could miss some of variables for problem identify.

2.0 Background
2.1 Case Background
The game practice into two steps; first is a trial which gives participants a brief of the game construction and leads them to familiar with the operation process in Wednesday 5th NOV. 2014, second is a real practice in Thursday 6th NOV. 2014 which includes the full segments of the game and its consequence will be used to analyze in the following sections.

This game stimulates the real customer, suppliers and operations processes to reflect the real manufacture as possible. The customer is played by the tutors of each tutorial group and the rest roles are occupied by student participants. It involved with 9 departments which are manager, financial specialists, sales department, production planning, goods receipt, shop floor control, produce process, quality assurance and suppliers. Before the real practice, the tutor highlights the brief functions of each department; however, for motivating the creativity of participants tutor did not provide a constant rules or standard for operation.

2.2 Ultimate Performance
At the trial, participants could not determine the final output and understand the full processes of the stimulation because of the time limitation and lack of experience in Wednesday 5th NOV. 2014. Therefore, at the real practice in the next day, the group (group 5) decided to set meeting the