Assignment: Luxury Good and Card Essay

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Make your wallet lighter and you happier Nowadays almost every single brand, stores which are C2B or B2B have their own VIP card, member’s card, and credit card provides to customers; sometimes a VIP card has a credit card function. Therefore different types of the cards widely exist in the market. It seems to give customers a lot of convenience, but we have to carry too many cards in our wallet. The result is customers forget to bring it to shopping place or even forget they have made certain card. In the end, the owner couldn’t get satisfaction and clients get confused. As the consequence of this, I would like to bring a card to solve this problem not only make customer’s wallet lighter, but also make both owner and customer happier. Tentatively, it is called “I-card”. “I-card” collect all different cards include credit card or debit card and put into together. “Many cards” will no longer exist, and customers carry only one card - “I card”. Consider the largest membership cards issued industry is service industry, the markets segmentation would be the largest cities, such as Tokyo, Hong Kong, Shanghai, Beijing, Seoul etc. “I card” would cover luxury brands, department stores, cafeterias, book stores, and so on; mainly satisfies age from 25 to 35 men and women. It is because this age range, people are easily impulse buying products, and also they are familiar with Internet shopping. In the beginning “I card” needs strong supporter. For example, Starbucks in China has been collaborating with Bank of Communications (one of five biggest banks in China); so get a loan from Bank of Communications, and work together with Starbucks, then start to decentralize to other industries. Even though “I card” might have to face competitions, but it will start to become more unique and will make an “e-card” application developed from “I card”. “E-card” is an application that provides to I phone and Android users to download in the stores. Customers can either check information about what member ships they have joined or what stores can, but have not joined yet, even shop on the smart phones. On the other hand, business owners can put their information, events, and coupons or even customers agreed information via system. It is developed from “I card”, so that both owners and customers could get their needs. “I