Assignment: Management and Organizational Change Essay

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Organizational Change

Guiding change is the responsibility of a good leader. Having the appropriate skills needed to navigate organizational change is essential and also difficult. The purpose of this paper is to outline skills or dispositions needed for such change and provide a self-evaluation to a personal approach to change.

Organizational Change
Managers and employees of organizations have experienced the struggles, successes, and failures, which correspond with changing the way business is executed. The goal of change is to attempt to show individuals how new approaches, behaviors, and attitudes have helped improve performance. There also needs to be sufficient time to make sure that the next management actually does exemplify the new approach being taken for change. If the prerequisites for promotion don’t change, then the overall organizational won’t last (Kotter, 2007).
Organizational Skills
Effective change is solely the responsibility of the facilitator. Therefore, it’s the responsibility and accountability to ensure the accurate steps are being taken to implement new strategies within the organization (Borkowski, 2009). To maximize effectiveness, quality health technologies and practices need to be adopted as a business and by organizations in other facilities. (Heward, Hutchins, & Keleher, 2007).
Through proper succession planning change can be implemented. The rationale for the need for change rises from both internal and external forces. Extensive communication skills, team building, training for management is required for change (Borkowski, 2009). As leader having the knowledge needed to deliver change is important. This is why is necessary to develop the training and education for upcoming management.
Health care professionals should demonstrate an optimistic attitude towards the use of new technology. Most professionals experienced that technology had a positive impact on workplace. Individual skills such as computer experience and patient care values decrease computer anxiety; and increase organizational support (Yarbrough & Smith, 2007).
Self-Approach to Change
Cynicism about change is the result of a negative disposition. People, who generally have negative feelings at work, tend to be cynical about organizational change. This is due to the belief that employees who were cynical about organizational change were also negative about other things. These are the individuals who deprived opportunities to