Assignment: Marketing and Public Relations Essay

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When concedring a career in any field one should do some research on the outlook of the dynamics in play. First, look at what it takes to become proficient in the selected field, then ask yourself do I have what it takes to be productive in this field? Secondly, do some reasearch on what the outcomes might look like for executing such tasks; for example, is there a demand for such a career in other words will it be hard or easy to get a job in the desired field? Also, how much education will I need, how much will I make? Finally, are all the components worth it? Here I will give you an example of some points to look into when considering a career in marketing they are as followed, level of education, prospect of employment, and growth of related occupations. With technology at our fingertips one can easily obtain the latter information for any job. Thus, here is what I gathered for a career in marketing. The median pay a marketing manager in 2012 was about $115,750 per year which is higher than the income made as a manager in public relations and also as a sales manager. For an entry-level position one most possess a bachelors degree, which means that a person can gain employment straight out of a four year university without having to perssue any more higher education; however, the latter is subject to change like everything in life especially today with the fall down of the economy. The prospected job outlook in marketing is that of 13%, which is higher than that of…