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1. Kaiser is located on 4501 Sand Creek Road Antioch, CA 94531.

2. Kaiser mission statement is, Kaiser Permanente exists to provide adorable, high quality healthcare services to improve the health of our members and the communities we serve.

3. *Alomeda Medical center -internal medicine, Grynecology, & Pediatrics. - 2417 Central Avenue Alamedo, CA 94501 * Oakland Medical Center - Advice Nurse, Medical Secretaries & Farmers Market. * Pinole Medical Office -adult medicine, family practice, pediatrics, lab & health education. - 1301 Pinole Valley Road Pincole, CA 94564

4. Kaiser's Thrive campaign has been about Kaiser Permanente's focus on helping their members be happy and healthy at every stage of life. The new work extends that message to communicate the amazing quality of care they provide.

5. One awards the Kaiser got was eHealthcare Leadership Award, and they received this award a variety of times. This award recognizes the best web sites of organizations in the health care industry. They received this award Nov. 15, 2012, Nov. 10, 2008, Nov. 4, 2007, and Nov. 6, 2006.

6. Some resources that are available for Women's Health Center are class for all ages as well as support groups, screening and other services. Examples are Mammograms and pregnancy birth.

7. The closest Urgent Care Center to where i live is located on 4501 Sand Creek Road Antioch, CA 94531. The operator's number is (925) 813-6500 or to make an appointment you call (925) 813-3100. Urgent care is open 24 hours, 7 days a week.

8. Kaiser measures care quality by participating in a number of independent reports on quality of care so members and the public have reliable information to understand the quality of care they deliver, as well as to compare their performance to other health cares

9. Some classes available at Kaiser are: *ADHD- for parents who's children's have been prescribed or is taking medication for ADHD. * Sleep better- this course covers the physiology of sleep, cause of insomnia and common