Assignment On Internal Auditing

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MONTCLAIR STATE UNIVERSITY School of Business Administration Department of Accounting, Law and Taxation 506-­‐ Internal auditing Spring 2014 – Syllabus – T-­‐ Th 5:30 – 6:45 PM UN2013 Instructor: Silvia Romero Office: Room 323 Partridge Hall Office Phone#: (973) 655-­‐5339 Office Hours: T-­‐Th 3:55 to 5:25 PM

E-­‐mail address: Since I check email frequently the best way to contact me is by email.

This course is restricted to Accounting students only except by permit from the department chair.
required: “Internal Auditing: Assurance and advisory services, 3rd Edition, Reding, Sobel, Anderson, Head, Ramamoorti, Slamasick and Riddle. The educational dimensions of Montclair State University, School of Business strategic charter advanced by the contents of this course include:

Philosophical goal &



Outcome Assessment Discipline specific

Lecture, group discussions, critical

Examinations, case analyses, oral knowledge

analyses, case analyses, project

and written reports, project

participation, research assignments, completion and final report.

guest speakers, videos, etc. Thinking skills

Group discussions, critical analyses, Homework assignments,

project participation, research

case analyses, project report.

assignments, guest speakers, videos

Communication skills

Discussions, group discussions, guest Written and oral presentations

speakers, debates, videos, etc.

of assignments and project.

Change management

Case analyses, guest speakers, project Discussion of subject matter in

participation and discussions

research feedback, case analyses


Guest speakers, professional career participation in professional

guidance, professional organization activities and organizations.

exposures, assessment instruments

Grading Policy: The final course grade will be based on points accumulated during the semester from the following requirements (can change during the semester):

Case Studies