Assignment On My Family

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Kalinn Pogue
English 315
March 26, 2015
Assignment 3/26
They named me after half of my Norwegian aunt’s name, Karethe.
And half of my Norwegian grandmas name, Liv.
And added two N’s, so you get K-A-L-I-N-N.
My mom wanted to legally add Liv as a prefix of my name after I was born
To pay homage to my beloved Mormor (grandma in Norwegian)
Thoughts turn back and forth to the legal addition of this small word and how much it would mean to not only my mom, but my mothers mother.
Although we didn’t speak the same language she taught me to always give more than you take.
Plush green grass, and rolling hills, like something you could only dream of, and fresh bakes horns (Norwegian croissant). I ate and played all day in this safe small town. I can still see my brother and I chasing each other through the fields.
I remember that summer very clearly. I remember my brother and I learning to speak Norwegian, and build tree houses, fish, as well as steer a boat.
Their land went on for miles. I can see my brother and I maneuvering our way through the forest, climbing trees, and going swimming. And by night we had a bonfire, all-inclusive with hotdogs, and s’mors.
The Norwegian food was our favorite! My brother was a natural born fisherman.
After all it was in our blood
From our ancestors, the great Vikings
To our grandfather, the great fisherman.
Our aunt would cook up the fish he would catch that day,
And though I’m still not a fan of fish,
I never passed up the Norwegian candy!