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Assignment One

Summarise the main development of a child from the age range of 0-2 years, 3-5 years, 5-8 years.

Main development

Growth is a factor in the main development of each childhood stage, such as in Infancy, early childhood and pre-school childhoods. It describes a physical change in height size and weight over a life span.

In infancy, a baby grows from a completely helpless newborn to a child. They lift their head at 3 months sit unsupported and crawl at 6 months, walk at 16 months , they grow or kick a ball at 2 years.

New born babies- grow very quickly they lose their birth weight and then gain 18-19 grams per day.

From 3 months of age babies grow 2.8- 3.8 cm in length, gain 300- 900 grams in weight each mnths.

Six months old baby rate slow down in weight gain 450-600 grams a month. By their first birthday babies , tripled their birth weight and measure 25 centimetres.

In early childhood growth spurt until approx. 10 kilograms girls and 11 kilograms boys, they are
86 centimetres in length children are muscular increase activity loss of baby shape.

Pre-school children increase 1.8 kgrams. And measure 5.8 centimetres grow taller and slimmer rat increased depends on genetic makeup and nutritional factors, school age children 6 cm a year-weight gain increase rapidly 8-9 years of age.
Physical development

0-3 mnths

baby lies on its back to begin with then starts lifting his head and can kick vigorously. They can recognize bright lights, loud noises and shiny objects and transfer one hand to another. Mobility child can roll, shut le or crawl. By first birthday they can walk unaided and sit up for considerable lengths of tim. Although balance is difficult babies manange to to climb stairs under supervision will be able to kneel without support and pull themselves into a standing position using furniture. Children at 2 yrs should be mobile. They should be able to walk and should be able to climb stairs 2 feet at a time. Able to throw and kick a ball may not be confident at catching.
3-5 they have mastered most movements run, walk walk forwards backwards and sideways.

Jump from low heights, blance on one foot and walk on tiptoes –go up the stairs one foot at a time, ride a trycile, by 4 they can catch kick and balance a and be able to walk along a staright line.

By 5- they have mastered varirty of equipment and they have confidence in playing ball games able to hop, skip and move to music, their fine motor skills will have improved greatly and drawings will be begin to resemble their intended objects. By 8- confidence to jump, from heights run distances and ride a bike without stabiliisers, their balance and agility. 8 yrs child gets older their physical dev improves along with their confidence. Become willing to try new things-stretch themselves further. Confident playing complex games and taking part as team member.


0-12 mnths have the ability to focus on objects up to a few inches away. Listen to voices make eye contact. They are developing their co-ordination enjoy brght colours and shiny objects-reach out interesting objects.
They need to be stimulated more and need to be offered interestingly and more complex objects to keep them amused . childs memory developing ability to remember things- clap hands and wave bye. Imitate those around them. They can express moods laughing and crying. 1-2 intellectual development compentent at focusing on particular aspects and begin to understand people have different preferences,
2 yrs pretend play –talk. To themselves. Act out. Fantasies. May enjoy music adept at making sounds from variety of instruments.

3-5 concentration increases- fine motor skils developed child controls a pncil and paintbrush cuts paper with scissors, by 4 their memory develops quickly they can understand past and future able to master intricate activities threading beads, building towers small blocks and hoilding a pencil accurately.

Their drawings