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Assignment one: Vision & Mission
Lecture: Mr. Sonny
Strategic Management

Strategic Management

• Q House Background
• Vision Statement
• Mission Statement
• My thought


Strategic Management


Q House Background
• Quality Houses Public Company Limited

• was incorporated on 21 October 1983
• Company start the business about serviced apartments and office buildings for rent in 1990

• Company also start to engage in the business of land and houses for sale in June 1992
• “5 Quality” is the policies that company maintain since 2003.
 Home design
 Construction
 Community
 Security
 Relibtion service.

Strategic Management


Vision Statement
• Q house the property business want to be number one in the c ustomer heart in the way with a perfect product like the house th at they build or the service apart ment to support all customer an d the best service that make cust omer feel like they own family and home.
• They want that went customer want to buy house Q house will be number one in customer min e by follow they policies “5 Qu ality” 5
Strategic Management


Mission Statement
Product Quality and Service Quality
• Always improve and develop the Company’s 5 qualities to satisfy the consumer. Work Life Quality
• Create work environment and company culture and improve employee benefits to achieve maximum performance.
Personnel Quality
• Operate legally with a transparency which can be checked at every stage. • Encourage and support employees to develop their potential in various fields in accordance with their responsibilities.

Strategic Management


Mission Statement
Social Quality
• Promote accountability to the communities and the surroundings of areas where the Company, Quality Houses Plc., and its subsidiaries ope rate, as well as society.
• Seek for new and better ways to create and build sustainability for products, environment, organization and society.
Investment Quality
• Improve operational efficiency in order to achieve growth in…